Random Thoughts: Excellent Nagotiator at Garage Sale


Buyer : ‘ How much? ‘

Seller : ’20 Dollars.’

Buyer : ’17 ‘

Seller : ’15’

Buyer : ’12’

Seller : ‘ 13′

Buyer : ‘ Ok give me 10 Dollars’

Seller : ‘ Okay deal!’ *passes the money to buyer *

Buyer :  * Buyer took the money, shove the surf board back to the seller and went off.

Seller : *Takes the surfboard *  ‘What the—‘ confused expression.

Random Thoughts: I m Sorry ♡


The word sorry is overrated. Got that?? I am sick and tired of ‘I m Sorry’ just because I have to accept your apology does not mean you are accepted. Sheesh! Get a hold on yourself. You are really out of reach and out of hand here!

Seriously, won’t you get sick and tired,annoyed and irritated hearing it over and over again from the same person in a short period of time? I do not mind if you do mistakes like once every two weeks or three the least. But almost couple of days one episode. WTF?? You repeated your mistake. This is out of my aim of saying. You are as if today is ‘Disqualified’ from the ‘I m Sorry’ department. Give us back your membership card and the keys to your villa! That’s that. And be done with it!

Ellie Rayne

Random Thoughts: There is always that one lazy day..


Once in a while I just wished I could exchanged position with my younger sister. In terms of waking up in the morning, doing chores and just being unpredictably uncalled for. Just for a day.. Don’t tell me I could not do such thing.

She wakes up nearly 12noon everyday or on days she has no school in her college. She puts cooking and cleaning on my hands everyday. She has her ways in winning a bet or arguments due to her own capabilities. In the end I envied her. As I was saying today, this morning.. I woke up late than usual. The time was about nearly 9.10am. And my younger brother asked me this question that stunned me at the same time pissed me off too.  ‘It is not usual you waking up late big sister. You usually by 7-8am you are already up.’ I replied to him with sarcasm in my tone of voice. ‘What? I cannot wake up late a little while you guys could every weekends? It’s bloody Sunday morning. And we came home from grandpa’s home lastnight 5 minutes to 1am.’

‘Hey! I only asked. You don’t have to get all furious at me. Sheesh! You have anger management issues.’ He left me there gawking and pissed off at him double time now. I sighed and rubbed my temples. ‘I got bad case of Insomnia. Slept nearly 3am..last night. Don’t tell me waking up nearly 9am the next morning is a crime. When you all would wake up nearly 10-11am every weekends and public holidays. I deserve my own way too in my own timing waking up.’

Truth and frankly speaking, I am sore all over and tired due to lack of sleeping hours. Try to be in my shoes. And falling asleep slightly at 3.18am. Do you want to wake up like your usual routine nearly 7-7.30am?And waking up a few hours later? Do you really think 4 hours of sleep considered enough for a young adult? Growing on a daily basis? No! It is not enough. Never will be.

Ellie Rayne