Movies/Shows Review : The Fault In Our Stars (2014)


The Fault In Our Stars


This screen adaptation of John Green’s 2012 young-adult bestsellerabout star-crossed teens who meet at a cancer support group opens with an apologetic declaration that what follows will not be sugar-coated fiction but harsh reality. In fact, it’s a mixture of the two; an effective (and affecting) weepie that marries the unashamed sentimentality of Love Story with the rougher edges of Now Is Good, while largely eschewing the insufferable archness of Gus Van Sant’s appalling Restless. As the narrative follows its sparky subjects from America to Amsterdam in search of answers to life, the universe and everything, we get to enjoy their amiable company and become seduced by their no-bullshit attitude, their conversation sparking plenty of laughs and oceans of tears as love blooms and nature takes its inexorable course.

“This story is Titanic,” declares, alarmingly, director Josh Boone, in the press bumf, “and cancer is the iceberg we’re going to hit eventually” – a toe-curling description that rings truest when Gus and Hazel Grace wind up being applauded by smiling onlookers while sharing a kiss in the Anne Frank attic. Really. Luckily, (500) Days of Summer screenwriters Scott Neustadter and Michael H Weber are on hand to lend an alt-indie edge that cuts through the mawkish manipulation, with Divergent graduates Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort making a likable fist of the leads. Meanwhile Laura Dern worries away behind a David St Hubbins haircut as Hazel Grace’s anguished mother, and Willem Dafoe chews the drunken scenery as the flawed author of An Imperial Affliction with whom our young leads fall both in and out of love.


Ellie Rayne


Random Thoughts: Love me Love me Not

image are something!

Things don’t always go as planned. Do tell me which part of having a relationship is worth not arguing for? Each couple do fight, argue and bitched out to one another. But that does not mean they would stop loving each other twice as much as they do even before that fight, argument or the very bitching out situation happening.

‘Please just shut up!’  With the female telling her mate to shut up.. it will agitated him even more worse. ‘No! You shut up! Go away from me!’  Says the male as his mate would try not to tear up. ‘Fine I will! ‘ leaving the scene she would probably head to the bedroom or to the bathroom, or even to the gardens or balcony to breathe and calm down. By slowly tearing up and felt hurt.

But with both alone. Senses will be circulating them both and they will tend to miss the happy moments they had shared. And do not wish of what they are having to end. That’s when the apologizing scene forms up. From both sides in an hour or so roughly.

Ellie Rayne

Grab a plate: Ellie’s Marinated Chicken Recipe

There I was having fun playing games over my lappy when a text message came in, it was from my sister. She told me that I am to be incharge of making dinner. Whoopie! NUH…AAAHH…

Whole Chicken (already cut into pieces)
Salt – 1 teaspoon
Lime Juice a little
Half a Lemon
Black Pepper
Garlic 2-3 cloves -cut small pieces
Olive oil – just a sprinkle of it.

Get all this ingredients ready first. Then we can get down to marinating the chicken!

1.Put the lime juice and squueeze the lemon onto the chicken in a container.
2. Add in black pepper, salt, Theme, Parsley, Oregano,Basil and mix them up nicely using your hands. Wash your hands first okay? Hygeine first.
3. Sprinkle the olive oil a little and throw in the chopped up garlics in. Mix it up nicely.
4. Find a tray and place it evenly.
5. Cook it in the oven of 120° and around 30 mins tops.


Picture of marinated chicken with the ingredients.


Picture of marinated chicken on metal tray.


Picture of Chicken halfway 120° and at 30 minutes tops per session.

Ps: I tried uploading the finished cooking chicken picture. But it simply won’t let me. I am really sorry. Well happy trying though. Btw, I told my husband about me doing this marinating stuff. The conversation we had was hilarious. “I marinated the chicken and put it in the fridge.”  He misheard me while tending to his work. “You marinated it and put it in a fish?! Or you mean fridge?”  I shook my head and laughed. ‘Why would I put chicken in a fish!’   He would smirk and chuckle. ‘I don’t know. I heard fish not fridge’

Ellie Rayne

Travel and Places : Things to do in Girona: Top Girona Attractions


Here are MY favorite things to do in girona:

Tapestry of Creation. A mysterious 1000yo piece of cloth, that according to the latest analysis was probably more of a carpet than a tapestry. Almost hidden in a dark room at the end of the Museum of the Cathedral, it displays in a fascinating way the story of the Genesis, as well as more mundane things such as the months of the year represented by different agriculture tasks. And since you are there, it’s worth taking a look at the rest of the Cathedral and its cloister.

Walls Promenade. Lovely walk along the nicely restored medieval walls (actually, if you pay attention you might still identify bits of the original Roman wall from I BC). The promenade starts with a stroll along some quiet gardens planted along the wall, but soon you are allowed to actually get “inside” and on top of them, using here the medieval parapet path, and there some metal stairs and walkways added modernly to make the visit easier. If you are interested in the Jewish Girona attractions, take a short detour to visit the ruins of Torre Gironella, where the Jewish community was besieged over 17 weeks in 1391.Jewish Things to do in Girona

Museum of History of the Jewish. Talking about Jewish sights, this museum is the most important of all the Jewish places to visit in Girona. Located in the same location where one of the medieval synagogues once stood, the first floor explains the basics about Judaism, while the second floor goes more in depth about the life of the Jewish of Girona in the middle ages, the pogroms and the later expulsion (my favorite part). Check out too their collection of medieval Hebrew tombstones, one of the most important in Europe. By the way, if you are interested in other Jewish places to visit in Girona, make sure to check out our Jewish Girona attractions tour.

Girona Attractions: Arab BathsArab Baths. They’re not really Arabic, but for years locals thought that it could have been part of some medieval Muslim mansion. Now we know that it was a Romanesque structure, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful. My favorite part is the Apodyterium (the old dressing room), with its gorgeous water bassin and the subdued light coming in from the geometric skylights.

Onyar River. One of my favorite things to do in Girona is taking pictures of this river separating the Old Town from modern Girona. I love the way the colorful buildings of the riverside reflect inthe water, and the cool perspectives of the belltowers of the Cathedral and St. Feliu Church. The bridges add some extra charm to my shots, specially the Eiffel bridge (yes! designed by the same guy that did the tower in Paris!) that allows for quite interesting frames.


Ellie Rayne 

Random Thoughts: The Dark Night | Poem By Ellie Rayne

The Dark Night

The sky was dark and eerie, giving goosebumps up one’s spine,

Trying to turn back the time,

Running into circles, shrieking  out loud, but no one seem to hear .

Knowing you’ll be in fear.



You shrieked, you screamed, you fainted for in front of the scene,

He picked you up, and presented you to the evil Queen,

You’re heart was cut up into four pieces,

Your body was laid in a field of dead roses.


Decaying alone is all to shame,

When no one is taking the blame.

Feeling all terror and horrified looking,

When you look at her, the evil Queen was beaming.


She ate the heart raw,

Thinking to ask the butcher to cut it using a saw,

You may look at what she had done,

But only a soul is all that is left unbind.


You’ll be free when the first moon appear,

It shall shine down your soul when the time is near,

Pulling you into a light so bright,

Telling you The Dark Night is just a playful Fright.


For you will know it is too late, 

To share it like a tale,

Just walk straight to the entrance gate,

For Hell or Heaven awaits. 


PS: Husband spoke of the sky being so dark and scary looking today.. that is how I got the idea to write this poem tonight. Thanking him a lot ! 


Ellie Rayne

Random Thoughts: Conversation with S Voice and I | Final (Funny)

After getting to know my android,I tried intimacy. Now I am to try to talk to her and wed her if possible.

Step 1- What is your hobby?


After that I went off to saying chess is a game most technology devices might enjoy. Microsoft and everything has built in chess games where we can challenge them. Nothing new there.

Step 2- To know her accurate age


I was laughing so hard I literally fell out of my bed. It was barely 8.45am. God this app is really odd!

Step 3- Expressing my love to my Android


At that moment I seek for her hand in marriage. I am not joking.. I asked my android phone to marry me.


With her saying that..I feel rejected! Is this how it feels like to be rejected by someone? Well in my case ..I was rejected by my own phone.

Ellie Rayne

Random Thoughts: Coversation with S Voice and I |Part 2 (Funny)

Do you remembered reading the first one about how to get to know the electronic soul living in your Samsung Phone awhile back now.. Now let’s try to get intimacy with IT!

Step 1- Trying to get Samsung Phone Drunk


Trying to persuade the electronic soul living in my phone to drink was not a plan of success. So I proceeded to Step 2.

Step 2- Asking her about Sex experiences


Well I did not quite understood how this Android is so darn smart. Aha! A smart phone. Jesus! Why didn’t I think of that before.. A smart phone is another term for androids (laughs*).

Step 3 – Getting Down & Dirty

After that I pretended I was a man asking her to give me a blowjob. She responded quite well actually. I went speechless for a minute after her reply. It was pure genius!


Knowing that she doesn’t wanna give me a blowjob I proceeded to asking her to kiss me. Well I never kissed a girl whom lives in an android phone before.


Hmmm… she does not give blowjobs, she refuses to kiss. I am hoping she agrees with FUCKING me. So I asked her to Fuck me. Her reply was extremeky hilarious I laughed until I fell out of my chair backwards!


  I hope you lot enjoyed reading this post. Plz comment or like if you wish. Thank you!

Ellie Rayne